If eating and doing all the "right" things were simple, we'd all be healthy.  Right? 

If it were a simple process all you'd have to do is listen to what your doctor or nutritionist told you: eat this, don't eat that.  But we each have our own story that explains why we can't stick to those rules.  Maybe you're too busy to cook and take-out is sooo much easier.  Maybe you're exhausted and just want comfort food at the end of the day--which is rarely on the Eat This list.  Or you're "good" all day and then snack at night.  Or maybe you don't even know how to cook.  I recognize that what works for one person doesn't work for the next--how could it?  Not everyone likes broccoli.  

And that's what I do: create a supportive environment that allows you to identify and achieve all your health goals through sustainable changes that make sense for you.  Through practical nutrition and lifestyle changes you'll discover your path to life-long health.

I work with clients to help them discover their personal path to a happy, healthy life.  As my client you won't dwell on calories, carbs, fats and proteins or create lists of restrictions.  We'll focus on what it takes for you to feel better, have more energy, sleep soundly and lose weight (if that's your goal) so you're healthy for the rest of your long, happy life.  


Ready to age well rather than just get old?  Let's talk.  Your consulation is free.